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Luscious lipsGuess my age…

This famous advertising tag line reminds us of unmistakable signs we use to guess someone’s age. If we can counter some of these manifestations of age, we will immediately appear younger.

Luscious lips with dermal fillers

Facial volume loss is among those revealing signs of age. Loss of volume of the lips is one of the revealing signs of age that’s easiest to correct. Dermal fillers have become the preferred alternative to surgery for luscious lips. There are many dermal fillers on the market. The most commonly used contain hyaluronic acid, a substance found naturally in our body. These products have become favourites due to their safety profile, and their capacity to enhance and reshape lips.

Here again, when thinking about injections, respecting your natural features is the key to success. It is possible to make rational use of lip fillers that’s respectful of your overall complexion. It's all about technique. Lip fillers have the advantage of being temporary. If the results don’t suit you, your body will reabsorb this natural substance within a few months.

Luscious lips are within everyone’s reach.

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