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Our Approach

At Clinique médicale des 2 Tours, we believe that a successful cosmetic treatment lies primarly on interventions that respect the natural features of the face.

We know that your appearance is a matter of great importance to you. That is why our treatments are solely performed by an experienced doctor – Natalie Emond – who masters the art of intervention while taking beauty standards into account. Our clinic offers various cosmetic products like Botox®Teosyal® and Latisse® treatments.

We work with great care to keep your face’s natural appearance and we only perform gradual and moderate treatments. As a result, you will look fresh and rested.

You will feel reassured by Dr. Emond’s proficient skills and will appreciate the quality of her interventions. 

Aging takes its toll on our youthful appearance. While a few of us adopt a serene approach to the phenomenon, others are on a combat mission. Numerous strategies are deployed and often, volumizers are called in. Interventions should start slowly and should remain in line with your natural features. Establish realistic goals such as taking a few years off, looking more rested, restoring lost volume. It’s important to choose a physician who will accompany you over the years, and who will help you make the best choices, avoiding excesses.

Beware of excessive transformations as they can lead to disappointment. Patients seeking maximum dosage will gradually change to different versions of themselves, often unaware of the transformation. Start off slowly and remain realistic is our best advice. Fashion trends such as huge cheekbones and pillow-lips do not fit everyone, are not suitable for everyone and may not always be attractive on the long term.

Back to a more natural you?

If you have lost control and suddenly realize you don’t recognize yourself, don’t panic. There is a product that can dissolve volumizing agents. Hyaluronidase is an injectable enzyme that could bring your old self back. You will be able to start treatments again, focusing on smaller improvements, in harmony with your features.

Experience is the mother of wisdom. Getting old has its advantages!


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